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Summer Reading

7th and 8th grade students must also post a paragraph giving their responses to the books they read on Mrs. Nash’s Website.  You must also respond in detail to at least one other person’s posting. 6th graders may do so if they wish.  See the instructions below.

 To Post a Response 

Click on Forums

Click on the appropriate forum.

Click on New Topic

If you have already signed up, enter your username and password. 

To Sign Up as a Member 

If you have not already signed up, click sign up.

Enter your email address and a password.  Feel free to use write.

For your display name, do not use your last name. Use only your first or some nickname that I will easily recognize.  Click Don’t display my age.  You don’t have you use your exact birthday.  The location can be just Florida.  When you click sign up, an email will be sent to your address.  Go to your email, click on the link and fill in the information.  Do not put your picture.


This is as secure as I can make it.  I can remove anyone who joins whom I do not recognize.  I am also notified when a member joins or when something is posted.  I will be checking regularly and removing anything inappropriate.


Fun Stuff

Check this out:


Try this!  It's a challenge!

To view videos of students, open another Internet Explorer browser.  Go to YouTube and log in as hnjnash with the password write (of course).  Leave that browser open and return here.  Videos should work.


 Check this out!  Let me know if you




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